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Press "Turn on the Tuner" to Begin, there are adjustable settings both above and below the tuner on the page


3rd up
3rd up
3rd down
4th up
4th down
Select a reference tone: Piano (short tones), Human Voice (long tones), Synth (long tones)

Select whether or not to have chordal accompaniment

Select whether or not to arpeggiate the accompaniment Select an Arpeggio

Select whether or not to play the root in the bass (in beta)

Select whether to vary inversions in accompaniment

Select whether to have drums on or off

Select what harmony interval you would like to practice

Choose your Reference Scale Type

Choose your Reference Key

play notes in key for reference

Time = 01:00 | # Correct = 0 | Avg Time = seconds
Your reference Note is blank, sing one third above that:(blanketyblank) in the key of C

Continuous Mode

Sequence Mode

Settings for Sequence Mode

Set the minimum and maximum note length (# of beats held)

Settings for Regular Mode

Select above what octave you would like your reference note played in.

Note: You can still sing in any octave as long as your relative interval is correct.

Import a Midi file as a sequence.

If you'd like to know what chord progression you are listeening to, click above.