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The Academy of Biotechnology is directed towards all students interested in a biomedical science career. It is a great starting tool and introduction to the world of biopharmaceuticals and biomedical applications.

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Academy of biotechnology

Northwest High School


"This Academy has allowed me [to] participate in advanced science classes that are for students who want to develop a career in science".


"Thank you for everything...with your help, I am at UMBC conducting research for NIH...Due to my background experience, NIH is funding me 95% of all fees!"


"As a member of the academy, I received unique insight on modern branches of science, such as genetics and the role of molecules in sustaining life."

Information about our club

The Academy of Biotechnology at Northwest High School allows students a preview into the growing world of biotechnology and their massive impact on society. Through the Academy of Biotechnology, students will discover the basics of a large variety of lab operations and can experience real laboratory procedure and techniques. Students will not only learn about various aspects of basic biological science, but they will also understand their applications to real life. Students will discover the uses of molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry in the real world and can experience actual first-hand applications of different biomedical fields.


Class experiments

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Lunch and Learns

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Biotech Google Calendar

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Meet our Coordinator and Officers

Mr. Silber


Siya Sharma


Molecular Biotechnology Programming Team

Husaina Bhinderwala and Isabella Vissari

Vice Presidents of Social Outreach and Communications

Megan Tang

Vice President of Media and Documentation

Arnav Jain

Vice President of Event Programming

Special Topics in Biotechnology Programming Team

Linh Au

Vice President of Social Outreach and Communications

Shaniya Davis

Vice President of Media and Documentation

Joshua Martinez

Vice President of Event Programming

Whole Academy Programming Team

Pragna Banavara

Vice President of Social Outreach and Communications

Sabrina Steele

Vice President of Media and Documentation

Rahul Nayer

Vice President of Event Programming

Vice Presidents of Membership and Data Analytics

Justice Cadet

Remind/Canvas Membership

Andrew Cheng

Python/Sheets Data Automation

Claire Hwang

Calendar/Website Updates

Janice Kim

Growth/Programming Liason

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